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Volunteer at Horse Power Healing Center

Horse Power Healing Center volunteers are truly involved in every part of our program. In fact, volunteers are our horse leaders, side-walkers, board members and much, much more. Volunteers usually start working with us on a limited basis, only to find themselves wanting to be at the barn every chance they get or enthusiastically participating in a committee meeting.

You can help us with your gift of time or talents by volunteering. Whether or not you have experience with horses or people with special needs, there is a role for you at Horse Power Healing Center. As a volunteer you may choose from a variety of activities, depending on your interests. All volunteers are offered training and educational sessions; the HPHC staff is always willing to share their knowledge and support with you.

There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in another person’s life an helping a child or an adult, with  physical, developmental, or emotional disabilities, achieve success in an activity where self-confidence replaces self-doubt. Watching that bond grow as the student, volunteer and horse work together, is a truly an uplifting experience.

Types of Volunteer Positions Available:

Lesson Volunteers:
Lesson volunteers are asked to commit at least two hours per week for the consecutive weeks of the session. Sessions usually run six weeks. Reliable attendance is important, as we strive to build a team of horse, rider, horse leader and side walkers. All lesson volunteers are required to attend a volunteer training class, prior to participating in lessons. Current volunteers are asked to participate in continued education and training provided by horse Power Healing Center.

Lesson volunteer positions are: Side-walker, Horse-leader and Equine Caregiver.

The Side-walker’s primary responsibility is to the rider. A side-walker walks or jogs alongside a mounted rider and acts as the “bridge” between the instructor and the rider. Side-walkers are there to assist the rider and ensure the rider’s safety. We encourage riders to be as independent as possible. Side-walkers should be able to walk/jog alongside the horse for the duration of the lesson, occasionally on uneven surfaces. They should also have the ability to have their arm slightly raised and out to the side for up to thirty minutes.

The Horse-leader’s primary responsibility is the horse. A leader pays close attention to the horse and all that is happening around the horse before, during and after the lesson. A leader focuses on safety and maintains control of the horse, while the rider executes what is asked for by the instructor. Leaders should be able to walk/jog alongside the horse for the duration of the lesson, occasionally on uneven surfaces.

The Equine Caregiver’s job is to help our lessons run smoothly and on time by having horses in the barn and groomed before lessons begin. Caregivers are also important in maintaining barn safety and cleanliness throughout the lesson activities.

Facility Maintenance Volunteers:
Volunteers are needed for maintaining the farm in such areas as: flower beds, weed eating, fencing, pasture maintenance and unloading hay.

Administration Volunteers:
We need volunteers for: board of directors, volunteer recruitment, public relations, staff assistance, office help, fundraising, grant writing, photographer, videographer and website.

Special Event Volunteers:
We always need volunteers to help us run our Events such as: Open House, Horse Show, Fall Festival and other fund raising events.

Whether or not you have experience with horses or people with special needs, there is a role for you at HPHC. You just need the desire to give your time and we can almost guarantee you will receive more than you give!

Group lesson volunteers at Horse Power Healing Center in Eagle, WI.

If you have any other talents you would like to share with HPHC, please let us know!

For a Volunteer Application form Click Here

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