Horse Sponsorship

SH Jul with Angie


Lacey and Hope at the horse show.


TC Stardancer, Arabian gelding



Alex with Bea riding.


LM Red Skye Delight, Morab mare


Madison DL, Arabian mare






The most important part of the Equine Assisted Therapy program is the horses; most people do not realize the costs for the care and maintenance of the horses. Generous donations from our horse sponsors help make the miracles happen for our students. Sponsors can include individuals, families, corporations or organizations. Sponsorship may also be in memory of a certain person or animal.

For your sponsorship you will receive:

·         Certificate of Sponsorship

·         Your name on the horse’s stall

·         Recognition in Horse Power Healing Center newsletter and website

·         Periodic updates about the horse

For a HPHC Horse Sponsorship form to mail or fax to us Click Here

Types of Horse Sponsorship

Horse Feed/Care: $75 Weekly   $300 Monthly   $3600 Year

Joint Supplements $35 month   $420 year (Note: some older horses use more than one supplement a month).

Worming one horse for a year $40

Farrier (no shoes) $30 per visit   $180 per year

Dental minimum $100 per visit

Chiropractor $100 per visit

Fly Spray (spring/summer months) for one horse $25 per month

NOTE: Horse Sponsorship fees do not include costs such as: pasture, labor, insurance, rent, taxes, repair/maintenance and utilities.