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Expansion Campaign

Barn front

Side of Barn

One of the future plans for Horse Power Healing Center is to build a barn with indoor arena, so that we can offer year-round services. As of right now we can only offer lessons in the Spring, Summer and Fall months and being able to have a lesson is determined by the weather. We would love to not have to worry if the sun is too hot or the wind too cold or that it has rained and our footing in the outdoor arena is not safe. We also would like to be able to offer more educational seminars and clinics; this is not possible with our current barn.

The proposed building would have a viewing lounge that overlooks the 80' x 220' Indoor arena with approximately twenty 10' x12' stalls attached to the side of the arena. Another feature to the building is there will be a special "kid's room" with a t.v., DVD player, books and games, so that other family members can be entertained while their siblings are busy with the horses. There will also be a kitchen, bathrooms, offices and guest bedroom and the basement will have an area set up to host classes and seminars.

To make this Building possible we need your support, please donate to this special cause. We also could use some volunteers to visit local businesses to make them aware of our needs and people to help write grants for this building.

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A group currently raising funds toward the Indoor Arena, is the Kettle Moraine Equine Lions Club.
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