Directions to Horse Power Healing Center

Horse Power Healing Center is operated at Jericho Creek Farm 
conveniently located between Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin

25 minutes from Waukesha
35 minutes from Oconomowoc
35 minutes from Lake Geneva
38 minutes from Jefferson
38 minutes from Burlington
45 minutes from Milwaukee
1 hour from Racine
1 hour 20 minutes from Madison
2 hours from Chicago, IL

The address is S.101 W.34628 Hwy LO  Eagle, WI 53119

Notes: Hwy LO show up as Hwy 99 on old maps and is also known as Eagle Lake Ave.
If you are coming from the town of Eagle, there is no street sign on the right hand side to identify Sprague Road; if you miss Sprague Rd.  continue to the stop sign for Hwy E and turn right. Follow Hwy E to the next stop sign and turn right on Hwy LO, Jericho Creek Farms is at the top of the hill.

Directions from Milwaukee:

Starting from N Milwaukee St

Head south on N Milwaukee St toward E Wisconsin Ave - go 0.1 mi

Take the 2nd left onto E Michigan St - go 0.1 mi

Take the 2nd right onto N Jackson St - go 423 ft

Slight right to stay on N Jackson St - go 59 ft

Take the ramp to I-94 E - go 0.2 mi

Merge onto I-794 W - go 1.0 mi

Merge onto I-94 W - go 5.5 mi

Take exit 305A on the left for I-894/US-45 toward Chicago - go 0.3 mi

Merge onto US-45 S - go 0.3 mi

Continue onto I-894 E - go 3.9 mi

Slight right at US-45 S (signs for I-43/US-45 S/Beloit) - go 0.4 mi

Continue onto I-43 S - go 16.5 mi

Take exit 43 for WI-83 toward Watertown/Mukwonago - go 0.4 mi

Turn right at Co Rd Nn/WI-83 N - go 1.1 mi

Continue to follow WI-83 N

Turn left at Co Rd Lo/Eagle Lake Ave - go 5.4 mi

Continue to follow Co Rd Lo .  Turn right into the driveway.

Arriving at S.101 W.34628 Hwy LO

Total: 35.2 mi - about 41 mins

Directions from Madison:

Directions from Madison, WI to Jericho Creek Farms

Head west on University Ave toward N Brooks St - go 302 ft

Take the 1st left onto N Brooks St - go 443 ft

Turn left at W Johnson St - go 1.2 mi

Turn right at N Hancock St - go 0.2 mi

Take the 2nd left onto E Washington Ave - go 2.8 mi

Merge onto WI-30 E via the ramp to I-90/I-94 - go 3.4 mi

Merge onto I-94 E - go 41.0 mi

Take exit 282 for WI-67 S - go 0.3 mi

Turn right at Summit Ave/WI-67 S - go 13.7 mi

Continue to follow WI-67 S

Continue onto Partridge St - go 0.2 mi

Turn left at Co Rd Nn/E Main St - go 1.4 mi

Continue to follow Co Rd Nn

Turn right at Sprague Rd - go 1.3 mi

Turn left at Co Rd Lo /Eagle Lake Ave - go 0.4 mi

Continue to follow Co Rd Lo .  Turn left into the driveway.

Arriving at S.101 W.34628 Hwy LO

Total: 66.0 mi - about 1 hour 24 mins