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Jericho Creek Farms
Sorensen Equestrian Park


























HPHC Virtual Dressage Show

We are hoping to have a 2020 summer Virtual Dressage show.


2019 Benefit Dressage Schooling Show Photographer- Michelle Franke of Franke Photo Design

HPHC Groundwork Tests (PDF format)
HPHC Groundwork Test 1 (Walk only)
HPHC Groundwork Test 2 (Walk only)
HPHC Groundwork Test 3 (Walk/Trot)

HPHC Ground Driving Tests (PDF format)
HPHC Ground Driving Test 1 (Walk)
HPHC Ground Driving Test 2 (Walk/Trot)

HPHC Therapeutic Tests (PDF Format)
HPHC Therapeutic Test 1 (Walk only)
HPHC Therapeutic Test 2 (Walk/Trot)


New Dressage Association Inc.

WI Dressage and Combined Training Association

Illinois Dressage and Combined Training Association

Western Dressage Association of America

United States Dressage Federation

National Walking Horse Association