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Virtual Dressage Horse Shows
July 1 - 17, 2020 and October 1-16, 2020

High Score awards for: Traditional, Western, Ground, Therapeutic, Amateur, Youth, Open, Veteran and Spirited Senior

High Score Breed awards for: Arabian, Part-Arabian, Morab, Morgan, Norwegian Fjord and Quarterhorse

Horse Versatility Award

Enter a video of your Dressage tests from: home, boarding stable or wherever and email a YouTube “unlisted link” to HPHC. Then your video(s) will be judged and scored by a licensed Dressage judge.
Your score sheets and ribbons will be mailed to you.

Facebook Group- There is a Horse Power Healing Center Virtual Show Facebook Group page that also has information about the show. To view the page Click Here

You do not need to have a official dressage size arena to show in a Virtual Show.

Printable Virtual Show Bill
Click Here
Virtual Show Taping Guidelines
Coming Soon
Western Dressage & Exceptional Rider Tests

USDF Traditional Dressage Tests
Find more information at:

HPHC Groundwork Test 1 HPHC Therapeutic Test 1
HPHC Groundwork Test 2 HPHC Therapeutic Test 2
HPHC Groundwork Test 3  
HPHC Ground Driving Test 1  
HPHC Ground Driving Test 2  

Horse Power Healing Center Virtual Show bill