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Virtual Dressage Horse Show
July 7 - 17, 2017

High Score awards for: Traditional, Western, Gaited, Six Feet on the Ground,
Therapeutic, Leadline, Amateur, Youth, Open, Veteran and Spirited Senior.
Horse Versatility and All-Around Horse Awards.

Enter a video of your Dressage tests from: home, boarding stable or wherever and email a YouTube “unlisted link” to HPHC. Then your video(s) will be submitted by HPHC to NAWD to be judged and scored by one of their approved judges.
Your results will be kept private and placed in your own personal “NAWD Vault”, you will receive an email link to access your vault and your ribbons will be mailed to you.

Facebook Group- There is a Horse Power Healing Center Virtual Show Facebook Group page that also has information about the show. To view the page Click Here

You do not need to have a official dressage size arena to show in a Virtual Show. Here is a link to a calculator for placing the letters in any size arena Click Here

2017 HPHC Virtual Dressage Show

Printable Virtual Show Bill
Click Here
Virtual Show Taping Guidelines
Click Here
Videos of Virtual Show Tests
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North American Western Dressage (NAWD)
Western Dressage Tests


USDF Traditional Dressage Tests
Find more information at: